My name is Paul Hardy and I’m a pharmacist working in a hospital in England. I started this blog in response to an editorial in the Sunday Herald of November 8th 2009 by Joanna Blythman. I regarded the editorial as an inaccurate, dogmatic and scientifically inept piece of writing, and in my blog I hope to explain why.

Why quant suff? This is an abbreviated form of the Latin phrase “quantum sufficiat”, which means “a sufficient amount”. As a pharmacist I am familiar with this phrase as an instruction in formulae for medicinal products to be made up in the dispensary. In the context of this blog, once I have grown tired or run out of things to say about the Blythman article I shall probably stop. At that point we will have a sufficient amount.

And before you ask–yes, I do know the wonderful Bester novel “Tiger, Tiger” or “The Stars My Destination”!


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